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The installation of a catering kitchen in a private house is something that should be considered as early as possible in the plans for a new build or renovation. Unlike other commercial kitchens, those in people’s homes are not intended as the primary kitchen but as a facility to accommodate chefs employed to cater for the resident family and guests. Therefore, they are usually located away from, but within close proximity to, the domestic kitchen and dining room so that food can be transferred there easily.

We look at all the aspects of form and functionality with this type of project – extraction and ventilation, how frequently and extensively it

will be used, numbers of chefs and kitchen staff and types of menus it will be used for.

We also consider the aesthetics very carefully as it is important that this type of kitchen reflects the stature of the rest of the house.
Our meticulous planning at every stage ensures nothing is left to chance. Every detail is considered and addressed so that installation is quick, slick and unobtrusive.